Common laptop and/or desktop problems

  • Laptop/desktop does not turn on at all
  • Screen is blank
  • Laptop/desktop turns on or off repeatedly
  • Laptop/desktop makes a noise when turned on
  • Laptop/desktop shuts down or freezes
  • Battery not charging properly
  • Screen light fails
  • Some keys on the keyboard stop working
  • Keyboard has broken keys or missing keys
  • Repetitive beep sound on start-up
  • Liquid spill

Why do we format

  • Laptop/desktop does not turn on at all. Possible registry errors or viruses
  • Your hard drive is full
  • Too many disk errors
  • System upgrade
  • You have built a computer and you must format the hard drive so you can put an operating system on it
  • You have replaced your main hard drive and the new one needs to be formatted
  • Your computer has a black screen on startup. Sometimes formatting can wipe a problem away
  • You have a software problem that is too detailed to fix
  • You have a major virus that you cannot get rid of
  • Your laptop is running slow

Quality Workmanship

  • We take extra care that no damage is incurred to your laptop/PC during the repair process


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